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Why You Should Join FBLA

The national organization, Future Business Leaders of America, is devoted to help students become more acclimated within the workforce through the promotion of leadership and business. The organization provides club members with resources and opportunities to embolden students to pursue their intended career choice. Through FBLA, students are introduced to real-world applications similar to the modern expectations present in today’s jobs. Consisting of a membership of over 250,000 students nationwide, FBLA offers a multitude of benefits. Reasons to join encompass the following:

1. Trips

Based on competition performance, members within the organization have the opportunity to travel and attend conferences. Within these gatherings students are able to attend speaker events and further develop their leadership skills through workshops.

2. Scholarships

As an organization, FBLA offers numerous scholarship opportunities for their members. Such scholarships can be used to lighten the financial burden of college or tertiary school.

3. Awards

Students who participate within the yearly competitions held by FBLA are able to win various awards to reflect on their achievements. Members are also eligible to acquire BAAs - a difficult task awarded to the members who serve and provide for their communities and exemplify steadfast leadership.

4. Networking

By joining FBLA, students are able to form meaningful and everlasting relationships by connecting with others who share similar interests and ambitions. Through workshops, students are also able to connect with speakers and learn through the events of their life.

5. Business Career Preparation

FBLA offers a large array of competitions expanding in multiple subjects that gives students a realistic idea of what a career path entails. Students who are intending to join a specific profession will have the opportunity to explore their interests and acquire a first-look into their future.

As an organization, it is the goal for FBLA to equip and prepare the younger generation for the business-world. The students apart of the community now are the adults of tomorrow and will drive the future success of the economy. Future Business Leaders of America offers chapters from the middle school, high school, and college level. If interested, please consider the following and join your local chapter today.

Create. Lead. Inspire

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