2018-2019 Executive Council Meeting Recap

The Executive Council meeting that took place on September 26, 2018 was officially called to order at 9:00 a.m. As each school’s representatives arrived, they were welcomed by the district officers, receiving their name badge and directed to a breakfast buffet provided by the Land O’ Lakes Culinary department. While eating our delicious breakfast, we had the chance to talk and catch up with chapter and district officers.

Before breaking out into sections, the district officers had the chance to formally introduce themselves and welcome everyone into the new FBLA school year.

In our break out session, the chapter officers had a chance to introduce themselves with their name, school, grade and chapter position. After introductions, we discussed the following plans for our district:

- Our upcoming newsletter where each chapter will write a newsletter on what there chapter has been up to and want to share with the district such as accomplishments and fundraisers.

- Our social media sites that we use to share our upcoming events and recognize chapters in our district!

- Our upcoming Fall Rally where the district gets together and has the chance to network with the other chapters and enjoy a buffet and guest speaker!

- Planning more district events to have, such as disney or lazer tag at SLC.

- Planning district fundraisers such as finding sponsorships and a local carnival.

After discussion, each district officer met with their assigned school to discuss communication and future plans for their chapter.

Round table discussion between chapter officers and advisors then took place regarding the events for this year. Later on, the district president - Arissa Adhikary - consulted with chapter advisors on ideas introduced during the session. The meeting concluded with a questions and answers period between the district president and chapter advisors. Also, an Executive Council photo was taken which can be found all over our social media page!

2018-2019 District XI Officer Team

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