2021-2022 Cabinet


Stacey Stegura 


District XI Director

Sunlake High School 


A Word From Your Officers

Hey District XI!


My name is Madison Meisenbach and I’m a senior at Sunlake.  I’m very passionate about everything in the business world, which has resulted in me being involved in the business academy at SLHS and participating in any type of business club.


Enough said about me, I would like to talk about the new ideas for our club and ultimately our community.  You all have asked for more organization and connectedness this year, and there are many ways to achieve this.  I plan to have many different means to connect with each other through in order to synergize.  This includes regular updates on social medias, meetings, monthly letters and more!  In addition to that, the district competitions, meetings, and rally's are getting a new updated feel in order to maximize efficiency and eliminate wasting your time.  After all, you all are very busy (with other clubs, difficult class loads, and jobs), so this commitment needs to be worthy of your time as well.


Thanks to great club leaders and advisors, FBLA has certainly been worth my time and has positively impacted me. It may sound cheesy, but I really have met many friends through this community.  They are like-minded people who share the same interest as me and have similar plans for the future.  FBLA had created numerous networking opportunities for me as well as invaluable learning experiences.  I mean, I would have never learned how to properly interact with people and hone in my leadership skills—at such a young age—if it were for the opportunities FBLA has provided me with.


Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.  I am excited and grateful to be serving as your 2021-2022 District President.  Let’s have the best year yet!

Madison Meisenbach

District XI President

Sunlake High School Vice President


Madison FBLA_edited_edited.jpg


My name is Natalie Favichia, District XI's Vice President, and I am a senior at Sunlake High School.  Previously, I served as my high school's secretary (2020) and vice president (2021).

This year I would like to focus on improving communications between high schools in the district.  It is important that everyone participates, collaborates and comes together. 


FBLA has had a positive impact on my life since joining in my freshman.  This club has helped me reach new levels of confidence and has allowed me to make new friends that will last a lifetime.  FBLA has helped me become more comfortable in a formal setting while presenting.  Additionally, it has helped me prepare for my future by exploring different career paths. 


Thank you for the opportunity to be your district president; I am excited to work with everyone this school year.

Natalie Favichia


District XI Vice President

Sunlake High School Secretary


 Kayla Frameli

District XI Secretary

Sunlake High School President


Hey there! 


I am Kayla Frameli this year's District Secretary for the FBLA’s district XI! I am a senior at Sunlake High School and can’t wait to get more involved in the amazing business opportunities presented by FBLA.


This year let’s get FBLA involvement to its peak! After spending three years in this club, I have come to recognize all of the benefits and learning opportunities offered. I have a couple goals directed toward helping people maximize their experience in FBLA and get more people involved in what this club has to offer. There are many activities, rewards, and scholarships FBLA offers to its high school level chapters. I find it important to make everyone aware of what they can take away from this club and will hold communication key. I also want to emphasize the importance of gaining participation in this club by encouraging and helping form more middle level and high school level chapters.


Since freshman year I have devoted much of my time to FBLA and in return I have had the opportunity to learn so much about a potential business path, specifically regarding finance, and have met so many people with similar ambitions to mine. Involvement in FBLA not only means gaining a new set of skills, but also creating relationships with people on the same path as you.


Thank you guys so much, I can not wait to be a part of your FBLA experience. Let’s take full advantage of what FBLA has to offer this year!

Kayla FBLA_edited.jpg

Amanda Hiatt

District XI Treasurer

Sunlake High School Historian



My name is Amanda Hiatt and I am so excited to serve as this year's District Treasurer.  I am a senior at Sunlake High School, and have had the privilege of being in FBLA for nearly four years.


In this upcoming year, I hope to see FBLA not only recover from the pandemic, but thrive like we have done in previous years.  As treasurer, I hope to lead various fundraising initiatives in order to lower convention cost as much as possible.  I can personally attest that we are all extremely excited to get back to our in-person conventions.  

FBLA has been pivotal in my high school experience and has let me paid my love of politics and business.  Through FBLA, I have competed in Political Science, Parliamentary Procedures, and Impromptu Speaking.  Each event has allowed me to expand my knowledge and increase my presentational skills.  I can assure you that every person who joins this club will have an event for them, and will learn long-lasting life skills.

We are all so excited for this upcoming year, and cannot wait to meet all of our new and returning members!

Amanda FBLA 1.jpg

Shreya Shah

District XI Historian

Sunlake High School Historian




My name is Shreya Shah and I am so excited to be your District XI Historian this year. I am currently a senior at Land O’ Lakes High School with a big passion in business.       


FBLA has been a club so dear to me, as I have been a part of it for the past 3 years and have made memories of a lifetime. The past two years, I have had the privilege to be on my school’s officer team and hope to bring those skills to the district team. I have competed at the state level and national level for the past two years and have met so many amazing people with the same passion as me. 


As we embark on an amazing journey this year, I want to see a greater connection between chapters and the district team, as well as seeing so many faces at the competitions. This club has taught me so much on how to be more outspoken and professional, and I hope it brings you all just as much joy. I hope you all can make your own memorable moments this year.


I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have gotten on the district team and can’t wait to work with you all this year. :)

Shreya FBLA_edited.jpg

Unfortunately, we do not have a parliamentarian this year.  This is due to the fact that whoever places first in the Parliamentary Procedures competition category is awarded this position, but nobody competed this year.


Nobody has showed interest in this position yet.  Contact us if your interested!

Middle Level Representative