2021-2022 Cabinet


Stacey Stegura 


District XI Director

Sunlake High School 




District XI Co-Director

J.W. Mitchell High School 


A Word From Your Officers

Hey District XI!


My name is Madison Meisenbach and I’m a senior at Sunlake.  I’m very passionate about everything in the business world, which has resulted in me being involved in the business academy at SLHS and participating in any type of business club.


Enough said about me, I would like to talk about the new ideas for our club and ultimately our community.  You all have asked for more organization and connectedness this year, and there are many ways to achieve this.  I plan to have many different means to connect with each other through in order to synergize.  This includes regular updates on social medias, meetings, monthly letters and more!  In addition to that, the district competitions, meetings, and rally's are getting a new updated feel in order to maximize efficiency and eliminate wasting your time.  After all, you all are very busy (with other clubs, difficult class loads, and jobs), so this commitment needs to be worthy of your time as well.


Thanks to great club leaders and advisors, FBLA has certainly been worth my time and has positively impacted me. It may sound cheesy, but I really have met many friends through this community.  They are like-minded people who share the same interest as me and have similar plans for the future.  FBLA had created numerous networking opportunities for me as well as invaluable learning experiences.  I mean, I would have never learned how to properly interact with people and hone in my leadership skills—at such a young age—if it were for the opportunities FBLA has provided me with.


Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.  I am excited and grateful to be serving as your 2021-2022 District President.  Let’s have the best year yet!


District XI President

Sunlake High School *PUT POSITION*


Madison Meisenbach


District XI Vice President

Natalie Favichia

Amanda Hiatt


District XI Secretary

Kayla Framelli



District XI Treasurer

Unfortunately, we do not have a parliamentarian this year.  This is due to the fact that whoever places first in the Parliamentary Procedures competition category is awarded this position, but nobody competed this year.


District XI Parliamentarian 



Middle Level Representative

Nobody has showed interest in this position yet.  Contact us if your interested!


District XI Middle Representative